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Weekly – 4/13

Weekly – 4/13

So here was are, another week in quarantine, and really we had Easter and my family was able to still make it special without seeing family as much as we’d like. The one thing we did was my parents and my in-laws, hid eggs for my kids (cleaned them) and then we arrived, stayed outside and they hunted for the eggs. It actually was a lot of fun and a good way to do it with social distancing.

Down to business..

Fun Stuff:

So I love storytelling, and have always found it to be fascinating. I’m a movie fan, comic fan, TTRPGs, etc. And I’ve tried my hand at writing several times, mainly I’ve never released anything and my writing loses out to competing priorities. But It is cool to see ideas for new ways to tell stories. I saw on Twitter this week, @CSharpFritz, posted on twitter about how he likes to write, and mentioned RenPy, a python based framework for writing CYOA adventure games and releasing them via Mobile apps. I researched it a bunch of the weekend and its pretty awesome.