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Weekly Links – 4/27

Weekly Links – 4/27

So I know this post got out a little late today, and for that I do apologize. Home schooling has been interesting at our house. Its definitely been a transition for everyone involved. But overall its been going well. My kids have been real troopers. My wife is the most amazing woman on the planet, and has been the expert in all of this.

My daughter has setup a desk in my office, so its nice to think that during COVID, my home office has basically become a Wework.

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Down to business…

Fun Stuff:

So I’ve made no secret of my enjoyment of Outside cooking, and over the past two weeks I’ve done a lot of work with my Weber smoker. And this past week turned out great. I went from a small chicken, to a 11 lb Brisket! And then 12 hours later, we had an amazing meal.