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Return of weekly links – 12/30

Return of weekly links – 12/30

Hello all, so I know that I totally fell off the wagon when it comes to weekly links. December has been a crazy month, I had three business trips, getting ready for Christmas. Due to family coming to town we effectively had 3 Christmas’ and on top of that I got sick.

I’m not complaining just explaining what happened. The holidays are a rough time for a lot of people, and we’ve all had experiences we have to carry with us. So remember in all the craziness that some might be suffering in silence. If you find yourself in this position, please reach out. You are not alone and there are people to help you.

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So as always I have a post here about something fun. And this week I wanted to post about how my wife blew me away with her gift this Christmas. We had our 11th anniversary at Dave and Busters, we decided to double down on stupid fun. When we walked in, they were having a silent auction for MakeAWish and when I was in the bathroom she bid on this item and won.

This is a picture from the Dark Knight, my favorite movie of all time, signed by Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger.

Weekly links – 10/14

Weekly links – 10/14

So this past week, I spent every free moment working on a shed in my backyard, and like any constructive project its had a slew of delays. But we are powering through:

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So as always I’m a big comic fan, and I’ve said before I’m a fan of the CW Arrowverse. For as much as DC movies are terrible, their TV shows are quite excellent. And the standout last year was Supergirl, it really tapped into what makes for the best Superman / Supergirl stories. The best stories are all based around problems that they can’t “super power their way out of”. Last season tackled real topics like trust of the media, xenophobia, racism, and others. This season is already moving towards tackling technology and its ability to change the way that we view reality and connect with each other.