Weekly Links – 4/6

Weekly Links – 4/6

So its been more of this mad, mad world this week. And I honestly don’t know where to begin. The world right now seems to be completely different and changing at a constant rate.

What I will say is the following are top of mind for me:

  • Thank you to all first responders who are out there every day making sure to help us all.
  • Thank you to all those who work for essential businesses. Those who are going into work and putting their life on the line to ensure the rest of us can function.
  • To all those who are finding themselves without income or with a severe drop in income, or if you know someone who has. It’s important to help each other. Take someone a meal, and leave it on a door step. Or help them to make ends meet.
  • For many of us, WFH is a hard transition, figure out ways to reach out and make contact using technology. We could all use support right now.

To that end…down to business…

Fun Stuff:

So for this week’s fun stuff, I thought I’d share we found a new family game. Dungeon Mayhem, and it was a lot of fun. Led to a great evening with the kids, and if you are looking for something to do to breakup the boredom for the kids.

See the source image

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