Weekly Links – 3/29

Weekly Links – 3/29

So life has been interesting during this self-quarentine. For my family we are luckier than most in that we have been able to rely on my job, as well as been pretty used to working from home (5 years of it). But honestly I know there are others struggling, and also terrible in my mind is the number of people who are single, and live alone that are in isolation right now. Please take some time to do some things to help yourselves. Mental health is important.

To that end, here’s so quick hitter tips we found this first week:

  • Now is the time to adopt a new routine, build habits that you’ve been too busy to do. Force yourself to structure parts of your life that were previously unstructured.
  • Take time to walk away and be alone, focus on yourself and your health.
  • Find way to engage with friends. In my case we took our monthly DnD game and made it weekly on roll20.net, and its been great. The opportunity to do something different has been huge.
  • Learn something new, give yourself an objective and work towards it. Before this I had planned on learning to use a smoker, and had been putting it off forever, now I’m finally doing it.
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Down to Business..

Fun Stuff:

So a lot of movies have been coming straight to digital right now and the one I’m most excited about is Bloodshot, its like Memento meets Rambo, and I’m excited. I’ve been a huge fan of the comic for a while now, pretty much since the valiant relaunch. But you should check it out on your streaming service of choice. Here’s a trailer.

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