Weekly Links – 3/23

Weekly Links – 3/23

So we’ve all been home for a week now, and honestly most of the world is still grappling with working from home. And having made that transition over the past 2 years, I know how big a transition. And I honestly hope everyone is taking time to step back and be healthy both physically and mentally. Otherwise we end up here:

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Down to business…

Fun Stuff:

So before the craziness of COVID-19, we got the opportunity to take the family to see Onward, the new Pixar movie. And honestly this was amazing, a great story with great performances. The story is timeless, the relationship between brothers and figuring out who you are by figuring out where you came from is amazing. The story of the relationship between a son and his father hit me right in the feels. A truly amazing movie, and honestly if you have dry eyes at the end, I question if you are a human or a Cylon.

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