Weekly Links – 9/23

Weekly Links – 9/23

So I know I’m a little late this week, but here they are. I was away at a conference in sunny Las Vegas for the week, and it was quite the week.

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But anyway down the business:


  • Cascadia Code is live: Normally don’t care about a font, but this is pretty cool because of its support of ligatures. Makes code much easier to read which is pretty awesome.
  • .NET Conf: Really cool virtual conference with more materials and announcements. Next week should have a lot of new annoucements.


Audio / Video:

Fun Stuff:

As always to live up to our name, here’s a nerd topic for the links. I’m a big batman fan, always have been. I’m pretty sure my kids knew who Batman was long before they knew Big Bird. With that I’ve been enjoying the current comic run, with Tom King as the writer, and it is coming to an end and they announced the new writer, James Tynion IV, who is a great writer who wrote Batman Eternal, so I’ve very excited. To read more, look here.

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