Weekly Links – 9/16

Weekly Links – 9/16

Hello all, its another week. Been really busy as we are approaching the end of a quarter. Been doing a lot of code work this week on a project that has been delayed for too long. So really enjoying that.

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Now here we go with the business:



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Fun Stuff:

So as I said last time I’m a bit of a gamer, and as this comic points to, I’m a well documented nerd. Lately I’ve found myself getting pulled back into tabletop gaming, specifically Dungeons and Dragons, and have a good game going (we play monthly, right now we’ve been done about 8 sessions). So as I get deeper into this, new things are announced all the time, and the new one is Unearthed Arcana, which is basically “Beta” content for the game for players to use.

The latest are two new sub classes Aberrant Mind sorcer, and Lurker of the Deep Warlock.

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